Care Package

Care Package – sent with love from Australia’s club underground. Delivered in partnership with EVE, LOW TON and Club Sync.

Jikuroux – Teardrop [Excerpt from Erotic Gestures of Sound]
DJ MacKeeper – Pipe PSI
Snoop Dogg x New Boyz – Cricket Drop (Strict Face Blend)
DJ Shoe – Poing
Empire – Remember My Name (SCAM RFX)
Jeremih – Don’t Hurt Me (Atro Fukup)
Jikuroux x Abra – Slow Pressure Big Boi (Cache One Blend)
Air Max ’97 :’) Sia – HPE Heart
Justin Bieber x Underworld x NA – Bieber Born Slippy & Trembling (C-Section by Aspa)
waterhouse – 0000000
Tinashe – Ride of Your Life (Passion Boy & Bby Angel Edit)
Air max ’97 – Inside Outside (Avbvrn Remix)
WA?STE x Sonny Digital – 50 On My Eternal Ocean

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday 8 November 2016


waterhouse – Empty Gallery EP

‘Empty Gallery’ spans 3 years of waterhouse productions (2013-2015) charting a sonic emergence suffused with spatial, textural and emotional complexity, as much primed for deep listening at home as it is for the more intimately challenging moments of a DJ set. waterhouse has been making waves with her intense live performances, visceral DJ sets and her growing catalogue of releases and mixfiles. Empty Gallery EP was her debut release.

Mastered by Sam John at Precise, pressed on 140 gram vinyl and presented in a printed cardboard sleeve. Cover artwork by waterhouse.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 11 March 2016

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waterhouse is a Melbourne based producer, performer and DJ of experimental electronic music. With no formal musical training waterhouse produces soundtracks to her life guided by feeling rather than thought, meditating on string instruments and choral arrangements as innately human sounds. She processes and braids raw sonic material (recorded directly into her computer microphone or synthesized digitally) into succinct yet immeasurably deep tracks, each one unique in temperament and intensity. waterhouse’s use of voice ranges from abstract melodic improvisation to affecting deliveries of lyrics on life and love. Her music belies a richly idiosyncratic and playfully experimental production practice that evolves beyond established boundaries of electronica, noise and pop. waterhouse’s debut Empty Gallery EP was released on March 11 2016.