Oroboro – Harkonnen

Three serpentine instrumentals by Oroboro comprise DECISIONS11. The Italian producer, who also soundtracks experimental theatre in his home town of Cesena, crafts epically evolving tracks shimmering with microscopic detail and emotional texture.
Heart Valve begins the EP, enveloping the listener in a kaleidoscope of surging melody and ectopic rhythms. Life Drain locks into a robust 2-step groove and sidewinds through jagged peaks and windswept breakdowns via a novel arrangement. The final track catches Oroboro in a stormy mood as the searching trap-like lurch of Armed Concrete culminates in an audaciously broken crescendo.
Referencing the military-industrialist ruling family of Giedi Prime from the Science Fiction epic Dune, Harkonnen meditates on a planet “completely overthrown by human desires, waiting for the dominant species to die in order to slowly start to bloom again”. Brief but vivid, the auditory palinopsia of Harkonnen burns on long after it ends.

Cover by Oliver van der Lugt.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 13 July 2018