Jikuroux – Cradle Bay

Sydney based producer and DJ Jikuroux returns to DECISIONS with four lucid tracks exhibiting her signature combo of glittering melodies and crushing drums. Citing a “reimagining [of] anxiety as something beautiful” as the core concept of the EP, Jikuroux forges a complex emotional journey in which dialectics of soft/hard, dark/light, clear/murky are repeatedly blurred and inverted.
‘Cracked’ opens the EP, sending plucked leads tumbling over a volcanic topography of bass and pads. Broody chords and a tough, low slung rhythm drive the anthemic ‘Cradle Bay’, while ‘Themed Break’ sees Jikuroux weave an elastic array of rhythmic and harmonic movements around a single recursive rnb “ooh”. ‘Hollow Grin’ closes the EP with flutes and bells illuminating a bilious fog replete with ghoulish hisses and growling bass.
Terse, lithe and ornately HD, Cradle Bay is built to gently devastate both inside and outside the club. It drops on Friday 16 June (the morning after DECISIONS’ showcase with Polymorphism at Berghain, Berlin).

Mastered by Sam John at Precise. Artwork photography by Jarred Beeler, edited by Oliver van der Lugt.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 16 June 2017


Care Package

Care Package – sent with love from Australia’s club underground. Delivered in partnership with EVE, LOW TON and Club Sync.

Jikuroux – Teardrop [Excerpt from Erotic Gestures of Sound]
DJ MacKeeper – Pipe PSI
Snoop Dogg x New Boyz – Cricket Drop (Strict Face Blend)
DJ Shoe – Poing
Empire – Remember My Name (SCAM RFX)
Jeremih – Don’t Hurt Me (Atro Fukup)
Jikuroux x Abra – Slow Pressure Big Boi (Cache One Blend)
Air Max ’97 :’) Sia – HPE Heart
Justin Bieber x Underworld x NA – Bieber Born Slippy & Trembling (C-Section by Aspa)
waterhouse – 0000000
Tinashe – Ride of Your Life (Passion Boy & Bby Angel Edit)
Air max ’97 – Inside Outside (Avbvrn Remix)
WA?STE x Sonny Digital – 50 On My Eternal Ocean

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday 8 November 2016


Jikuroux – Ruptured Pulse EP

Jikuroux’s Ruptured Pulse EP is a lustrous wrecking ball. Shimmering melodies ride heaving, clattering drums as the record careers through three breathtaking cuts.
An Elysian voice floats amid cavernous crashes and blistering synth licks as Only U begins. At the vertiginous drop an icy melody grows fractal-like over pummeling kicks and intricate percussion.
The EP’s title track follows, beginning with pneumatic percussion and hypnotic synths before dropping into a miasma of beats. The track twists and lashes, mutating through a labyrinth of rhythms until a haunting melodic refrain returns to guide the listener out.
Slow Pressure slams in to close the EP, bubbling and gasping into a taut rhythmic machine. A harried Britney expresses her need for time, space and love before the track culminates in a dizzying whorl of drum rolls.
Ruptured Pulse finally debuts the tight and fiercely singular production practice Jikuroux has been developing from her Sydney home.

Mastered by Sam John at Precise. Cover artwork by Jikuroux and Celia Bradshaw.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 30 September 2016