Air Max ’97 – Vessel

Form ambushes function as Air Max ‘97 disappears deeper into spacetime on new EP Vessel. Five tracks ouroborically whip, stutter and mutate their way through liminal dancefloor territory. Metabolising snippets of speech, gasps and hand claps alongside intricate percussion and guttural synth work, Air Max ‘97 further hones and obfuscates his unique vision for the club.

Mastered by Sam John at Precise. Cover artwork by Kim Laughton

RELEASE DATE: Friday 28 April 2016


Care Package

Care Package – sent with love from Australia’s club underground. Delivered in partnership with EVE, LOW TON and Club Sync.

Jikuroux – Teardrop [Excerpt from Erotic Gestures of Sound]
DJ MacKeeper – Pipe PSI
Snoop Dogg x New Boyz – Cricket Drop (Strict Face Blend)
DJ Shoe – Poing
Empire – Remember My Name (SCAM RFX)
Jeremih – Don’t Hurt Me (Atro Fukup)
Jikuroux x Abra – Slow Pressure Big Boi (Cache One Blend)
Air Max ’97 :’) Sia – HPE Heart
Justin Bieber x Underworld x NA – Bieber Born Slippy & Trembling (C-Section by Aspa)
waterhouse – 0000000
Tinashe – Ride of Your Life (Passion Boy & Bby Angel Edit)
Air max ’97 – Inside Outside (Avbvrn Remix)
WA?STE x Sonny Digital – 50 On My Eternal Ocean

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday 8 November 2016


Air Max ’97 – HPE EP

Air Max ’97 goes iconoclastic on HPE, his first EP-length release for DECISIONS.
The title track is a 3M streaked dumb/smart twister, propelling forward in alarming bursts of barely-sensical rhythm punctuated by stark silence. It starts half a bar early or late as per your preference.
Murky heater ‘Swelter’ follows. Sticky bass beats below vaults of pungent atmosphere and blistered percussion before a succession of serrated synths take the track to speedy, paranoid place.
‘Thrall’ pummels, kick drum and sub hurtling through a pre-individual cloud of chewed and splintered chatter. The track decays as it deepens, constantly inferring and deferring intensity. You will emerge exfoliated, glistening.
EP closer ‘Inside Outside’ sounds like something writhing around in a flooded basement.
Use safely but not sensibly to derange the dancefloor.

Mastered by Sam John at Precise. Cover artwork by Air Max ’97.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 17 June 2016


Air Max ’97 – Core Work / Expenditure

Air Max ‘97 breaks ground on DECISIONS with two darkly functional dance floor cuts.

A side ‘Core Work’ is an oblique polyrhythmic affair aimed to enrapture the body and mind. A nearly 4/4 kick pulses under viscous bell loops and bursts of syncopated clicks and crashes. The result is playful and bewitching, drawing the listener/dancer through a series of cascading, shifting grooves. Watch the Core Work video.

B side ‘Expenditure’ is a low-slung extra terrestrial machine. Described by Ben UFO as ‘seriously twisted’, the track sets keenly textured bass in elliptical orbit around arpeggiated melodies and sharply honed percussion.

Mastered by Sam John at Precise, pressed on 140 gram vinyl and presented in a printed cardboard sleeve. Cover artwork by Timothy István Erdei.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 23 October 2015

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Air Max ’97

“Air Max ’97 has quickly asserted his flair for making fresh, inventive and deeply idiosyncratic club music.” – Liminal Sounds

“Air Max ’97 creates new spaces and possibilities for the club.” – Truants

Air Max ‘97 is a singular artist in the current music landscape. His ‘oblique’ productions and remixes are rich with atmosphere, texture and percussive energy, winning support from the likes of Total Freedom, Ben UFO, Objekt, Eclair Fifi, Mike Q, Lee Gamble, Ziúr, M.E.S.H. and Jubilee.

A magnetic presence behind the decks, Air Max ‘97 forges sonic journeys alive with energy and dynamism. His DJ sets contrast dark and light, hypnotism and rupture, made all the more special with the inclusion of countless unreleased tracks, edits and blends.

He regularly presents radio shows on London’s Rinse FM and tours tirelessly around the world.