DJ Plead – Get In Circle

DJ Plead delivers a unique set of deep and frenetic dance floor tools for his DECISIONS debut. Sumptuous percussion drawn from Plead’s Lebanese background is masterfully arranged to propel the listener into deeply mesmeric rhythmic zones. Equally hypnotic are the vocal and synth loops gleefully entwined throughout the EP, with vibes ranging from slinkily tense (DVE; Get In Circle) to exuberant (Giz) to downright dubby (Lee’s Shuffle). The EP title simultaneously references dancing circles at Lebanese weddings and the anthemic samples of footwork producers such as DJ Roc. Get In Circle is the first EP length release from Melbourne’s DJ Plead, who has been hiding in plain sight as one third of BV and half of Poison. Play loud; get in circle.

Artwork photography by Jarred Beeler, edited by Oliver van der Lugt.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 2 March 2018