Chunyin – 偽承諾 Pseudo Promitto

Responding to illegitimate and pirated artistic forms which saturate our contemporary media environment, Sydney-based producer Chunyin has created four bristling club tracks to contribute to the din.
Sickly text-to-speech samples of facebook notification settings on Look Back On This highlight the disturbing politics of digital memories. Adidos is a footwork-inspired jingle for counterfeit sportswear, while Terms and Tyrian access languages of global power and control. With a nihilistic edge, Pseudo Promitto poses an equivalence between the disintegration of semantics in techno (losing yourself in the music) and globalisation (losing yourself in late capitalism). The simultaneously dystopian, libidinous and shiny EP (echoed by Wu Mei Chi’s dazzling cover photograph) indulges in the false promises of consumer culture. May the lo-fi rips and dodgy phone videos uploaded onto YouTube/WeChat ensue…

Cover image by Wu Mei Chi, design by Oliver van der Lugt.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 13 April 2018