Air Max ’97 – HPE EP

Air Max ’97 goes iconoclastic on HPE, his first EP-length release for DECISIONS.
The title track is a 3M streaked dumb/smart twister, propelling forward in alarming bursts of barely-sensical rhythm punctuated by stark silence. It starts half a bar early or late as per your preference.
Murky heater ‘Swelter’ follows. Sticky bass beats below vaults of pungent atmosphere and blistered percussion before a succession of serrated synths take the track to speedy, paranoid place.
‘Thrall’ pummels, kick drum and sub hurtling through a pre-individual cloud of chewed and splintered chatter. The track decays as it deepens, constantly inferring and deferring intensity. You will emerge exfoliated, glistening.
EP closer ‘Inside Outside’ sounds like something writhing around in a flooded basement.
Use safely but not sensibly to derange the dancefloor.

Mastered by Sam John at Precise. Cover artwork by Air Max ’97.

RELEASE DATE: Friday 17 June 2016